Kindergarten students at All Saints' Episcopal Day School are immersed in language as they continue to develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills through a variety of multi-sensory activities. Students are introduced to the writing process using the Six Traits Writing Program. Oral language is practiced often, both in the classroom and in chapel, as students begin to develop the skills that will make them not only fluent readers and competent writers, but capable public speakers. Children receive formal language arts instruction in a whole group setting, and participate in small language arts groups that can offer challenge and support, as needed. This is what sets our private school in Phoenix apart from the rest.

The math curriculum includes the development of an understanding of counting, creating patterns, sorting, adding, subtracting, and using the calendar. Manipulatives and language-based problem solving are used to help present abstract concepts in an understandable, concrete form. The Phoenix private school program relates mathematics to its very important usage in everyday life and contains extensions for those who need additional challenges.

In social studies, students compare our way of life to those in other environments. They develop beginning mapping skills, an understanding of our world’s resources and the importance of their conservation, and take part in community service. In science, the scientific method is introduced and students participate in classroom activities, lab work, and field trips. Topics include Pebbles, Sand, and Silt; The Five Senses; Animal Groups; The Rainforest; and Space.
Upon graduation from our kindergarten private school in Phoenix, students are ready for what awaits them in Grade One at All Saints'.
Kindergarten Teachers
Heather Caciola
Kindergarten Teacher

Diane Kahn
Kindergarten Teacher

Linda Tyke
Kindergarten Teacher
All Saints’ Episcopal Day School is a private independent school in Phoenix, Arizona with a distinguished history of offering academic excellence, comprehensive fine arts, and competitive sports, along with an emphasis on spiritual growth and community service.